How to get your cubby back in the bag

Have you whipped your new table cubby house out of its bag, thrown it on the table to see how it looks, only to wonder how to fold it up into that nice neat package once again?

Of course there’s plenty of room in the storage bag for you to stuff it in any old how, but if you would like to fold it, then here’s how I do it.

(1)  Your cubby on the table. I like to have the curtains untied so they sit flat. By the way, did you know that the curtains don’t fully close so that there’s always plenty of airflow through the cubby?

(2)  Lift all the roof corners up and bring the short sides of the roof together. Hold by the corners of the roof and lay down with the side window facing up.

(3) & (4)  Fold each triangular-shaped section in towards the middle.

(5) & (6)  Fold those sides in again. In thirds works best for both the rectangle sizes. The square size will need to be folded in quarters.

(7)  Fold up the bottom.

(8)  Flip over and the label should be vaguely in the middle.

(9)  Slide it inside the storage bag.

(10)  And voila! You have a naked table and a nice neat parcel for popping away.

Does this make sense? I’ve done so many I could probably do them in my sleep, so please let me know if I’ve glossed over something crucial.

Happy folding!