Use this printable questionnaire to interview your kids

Have you ever interviewed your kids?

Now that mine are getting older (7 and 5) I really wish I had started doing this years ago. At the time I felt like I would never forget all the details, but I have definitely forgotten a lot. I think interviewing them once a year would create a gorgeous back catalogue of some of the little details that make them the lovable little people they are.

There’s so much great inspiration on Pinterest, but I kept telling myself I would do it “one day”. Well finally that day is here and I made a cute form to make it easy for me. I plan to take a video of them when I ask the questions too, because sometimes it’s the way that they pronounce a word or describe something that really captures who they are.

If you would like to do one too, then just click on this pic and it will open it up as a pdf that you can print out.

Have fun!

My Favourite Things - Template to interview your child from My Playhouse Adventures - Transform your table into a world of imagination


How to make a cardboard box tv

"pretend play"My kids just love Peppa Pig and on yesterday’s episode they had a power blackout. To make their own fun they made a tv out of a box and Peppa read the news. It looked quite effective (for a cartoon!) with all the lights off and a torch shining on Peppa.

I thought this might be a good use for those endless nappy boxes! You could just cut the hole out for the screen or you could go full tilt and paint it and add knobs. How about you video it and play it on the real tv? I took a short video of Mister Hamish playing yesterday and he was transfixed watching himself on the little iPhone screen. The big tv might blow his mind!

I did some googling and found instructions to make the basic head-in-a-box version like the photo here.

And, for older kids, you can make a ridiculously impressive make-your-own-tv-show version here.

Great for those rainy days at home. Happy crafting!