10 all-time favourite books to read to your new baby

Bedtime reading is such a beautiful bonding time, but it helps if the books are either a pleasure for you to read or a pleasure for the child to listen to and look at. Preferably they’re both. These 10 books are perennial favourites for good reason. They are an absolute joy to share with your child and will be read many many times over.

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Peepo – This adorable board book has holes in the pages to look through and see what the baby in the book sees his family doing. Peepo means Peekaboo.

Advent calendars to count down to Christmas

An Advent calendar is such a fabulous way to count down to Christmas. Especially for the little ones, who don’t have a concept of time. In the last week my two have been constantly asking how long til Christmas, so I’m looking forward to when we start on their Advent calendars.

Traditionally Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25, but general practice these days is to start on 1 December. There are plenty of options from hand-made, to re-usable, to toy-filled. Something for everyone!


These adorable calendars have a box, a bag or a pocket for you to put a toy or lolly in each day. This post has 20 suggestions for non-chocolate ways of filling your calendar. The great thing about these is that they can be re-used each year.


Advent Calendars


Clockwise from top left -  Kikki K  -  Lark  -  Pottery Barn Kids  -  Finlee & Me  -  Lark


These calendars can only be used once, but oh what goodies are found inside!

Advent Calendars


Clockwise from top left – Lego Friends  -  Lego City  -  Smiggle  -  Playmobil for 4 years plus  -  Playmobil for 3 yrs and under  -  Freddo


As well as the Advent calendar, we put our Christmas tree up on 1 December too. How about you? When does Christmas start in your house?


Cubby love

cubby playhouseThere are some absolutely adorable playhouses available around this big wide world of ours.

Win Green is an English company which makes stand-alone cubby houses and they are to. die. for. At 266 pounds including postage (A$428) they’re not cheap, but I think really good value for how amazing they are. You just put together the poles, then the playhouse fits over the top.

Wouldn’t this one be perfection for a horse-loving little girl?