Use this printable questionnaire to interview your kids

Have you ever interviewed your kids?

Now that mine are getting older (7 and 5) I really wish I had started doing this years ago. At the time I felt like I would never forget all the details, but I have definitely forgotten a lot. I think interviewing them once a year would create a gorgeous back catalogue of some of the little details that make them the lovable little people they are.

There’s so much great inspiration on Pinterest, but I kept telling myself I would do it “one day”. Well finally that day is here and I made a cute form to make it easy for me. I plan to take a video of them when I ask the questions too, because sometimes it’s the way that they pronounce a word or describe something that really captures who they are.

If you would like to do one too, then just click on this pic and it will open it up as a pdf that you can print out.

Have fun!

My Favourite Things - Template to interview your child from My Playhouse Adventures - Transform your table into a world of imagination


10 all-time favourite books to read to your new baby

Bedtime reading is such a beautiful bonding time, but it helps if the books are either a pleasure for you to read or a pleasure for the child to listen to and look at. Preferably they’re both. These 10 books are perennial favourites for good reason. They are an absolute joy to share with your child and will be read many many times over.

Click the arrows to browse.


Peepo – This adorable board book has holes in the pages to look through and see what the baby in the book sees his family doing. Peepo means Peekaboo.

Advent calendars to count down to Christmas

An Advent calendar is such a fabulous way to count down to Christmas. Especially for the little ones, who don’t have a concept of time. In the last week my two have been constantly asking how long til Christmas, so I’m looking forward to when we start on their Advent calendars.

Traditionally Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25, but general practice these days is to start on 1 December. There are plenty of options from hand-made, to re-usable, to toy-filled. Something for everyone!


These adorable calendars have a box, a bag or a pocket for you to put a toy or lolly in each day. This post has 20 suggestions for non-chocolate ways of filling your calendar. The great thing about these is that they can be re-used each year.


Advent Calendars


Clockwise from top left -  Kikki K  -  Lark  -  Pottery Barn Kids  -  Finlee & Me  -  Lark


These calendars can only be used once, but oh what goodies are found inside!

Advent Calendars


Clockwise from top left – Lego Friends  -  Lego City  -  Smiggle  -  Playmobil for 4 years plus  -  Playmobil for 3 yrs and under  -  Freddo


As well as the Advent calendar, we put our Christmas tree up on 1 December too. How about you? When does Christmas start in your house?


How to get your cubby back in the bag

Have you whipped your new table cubby house out of its bag, thrown it on the table to see how it looks, only to wonder how to fold it up into that nice neat package once again?

Of course there’s plenty of room in the storage bag for you to stuff it in any old how, but if you would like to fold it, then here’s how I do it.

(1)  Your cubby on the table. I like to have the curtains untied so they sit flat. By the way, did you know that the curtains don’t fully close so that there’s always plenty of airflow through the cubby?

(2)  Lift all the roof corners up and bring the short sides of the roof together. Hold by the corners of the roof and lay down with the side window facing up.

(3) & (4)  Fold each triangular-shaped section in towards the middle.

(5) & (6)  Fold those sides in again. In thirds works best for both the rectangle sizes. The square size will need to be folded in quarters.

(7)  Fold up the bottom.

(8)  Flip over and the label should be vaguely in the middle.

(9)  Slide it inside the storage bag.

(10)  And voila! You have a naked table and a nice neat parcel for popping away.

Does this make sense? I’ve done so many I could probably do them in my sleep, so please let me know if I’ve glossed over something crucial.

Happy folding!

Mumpreneurs masterclass video

I recently blogged about escaping from Playhouse Central to attend a fantastic masterclass featuring fabulous mumpreneur Cath from Lunch Boxes with Love and stylish blogger Andrea from Fox in Flats. Well the video camera was rolling and I snuck into this little clip. That’s me in the red dress.

Do I really talk with my hands that much??? Eeek!