Bouncer required! Cubbyhouse puts in a big day at World’s Biggest Playgroup Event

Table_cubby_playhouseYesterday was a HUGE  day in the little world of My Playhouse Adventures. My first playhouse debuted at the World’s Biggest Playgroup Event in Sydney. It was a mad and crazy day at the Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour. There were approximately 3,500 people there and I think most of them played in the playhouse! Late morning was peak chaos time and I thought I would need a bouncer to try and regulate the number of kids inside.

The soft toys and dolls were a big hit, with “babies” being wrapped up and put to bed, having some dinner or being taken for a ride in the crockery box. Girls and boys alike loved making cups of tea or some breakfast for their parents with the crockery. Some kids stayed in the playhouse for a very long time. Happily playing together or having a look at a book. Some worried parents lost sight of their kids briefly, only to find them inside the cubby.

It was truly a joyous day for me to see so many kids loving the cubby so much. I didn’t buy any new toys for the event. I just borrowed some from my kids. That’s what I love so much about the playhouses. They give new life to your kids’ existing toys. A place just for them that makes their eyes light up as their imaginations kick into gear.

The one thing that really surprised me was that there were at least as many boys as girls eager to explore the table cubby. My first design is a bit on the girly side and a lot of parents were keen to hear about the next more boyish Wild West design. But I wonder if the kids really don’t see a house with flowers as being gender-specific. I can’t wait to get the Wild West one happening and see whether just as many girls as boys like it.

If you need an inexpensive gift idea for a little boy, then buy a lawnmower! I took Alannah Bear’s lawnmower ($20 from Toys R Us) so the kids could cut the fake grass out the front of the playhouse, and barely saw it all day!! It was very busy being pushed around by little cuties (mainly boys) from one end of the CBeeBies Big Fun Room to the other.

A big hello to all the lovely parents and grandparents that followed along to the cubbyhouse as their kids ran towards it. I met some absolutely gorgeous people, like Bubble’s mummy, Lucas’ granddad and the wonderful mummy who encouraged me to enter the Huggies Mumspired grant program. Such sweet words from a complete stranger. Thank you! An extra special hello cuddle to the adorable Sebastian and his mummy. Sebastian visited the cubby in both the morning and the afternoon with a nap in the pram during a walk around Darling Harbour in between. I fell in love with him as he made me a cup of tea and some eggs for breakfast. This sweet little man reminded me so much of my own little angels, who were at “little school” as they call it while mummy was busy. Thank you lovely 🙂

Cubby love

cubby playhouseThere are some absolutely adorable playhouses available around this big wide world of ours.

Win Green is an English company which makes stand-alone cubby houses and they are to. die. for. At 266 pounds including postage (A$428) they’re not cheap, but I think really good value for how amazing they are. You just put together the poles, then the playhouse fits over the top.

Wouldn’t this one be perfection for a horse-loving little girl?

The next big thing?

table cubby playhouseTable cubby houses (aka table playhouses or table tents) seem to be gaining in popularity. So much so that Australian lifestyle tv show Better Homes & Gardens is making one this Friday night.

Are you a DIY kind of girl? Do you have a sewing machine gathering dust in the cupboard? If so, then get thee down to your local supermarket and pick up the latest Better Homes & Gardens issue. They have a couple of very cute designs in there and all the instructions for you to make your own. How excited are your kids going to be!

Here’s the ad for this week’s show – Better Homes & Gardens.

There’s also plenty of instructions around the adventure-web like this one from Designer Mum.

By the way, don’t you just adore vintage posters like this Singer one? Have a look at Vintage Posters for a great range.

Happy Thursday 🙂

Slippery little suckers

kids playhouse 1st birthday party ideas

How cute are these kids’ chopsticks?

Alannah Bear found them in the “homewares” shop at Eden Gardens nursery this morning. Imagine, we went to a nursery and didn’t look at a single plant. Nice little playground and fabulous shop though. Some beautiful fake flowers that would look very nice on my dining table, but at $17.95 a stem I thought I should refrain.

kids playhouse 1st birthday party ideas

So the kids had a ball eating their sandwiches with them.

kids playhouse 1st birthday party ideasMister Hamish tried to grab a grape, but found that fingers are sometimes best really.

AB’s got them well mastered.

They’re called Zoo Sticks and AB’s have a camel on top, MH’s a giraffe.

Fairy folk taken captive by pop star

Let me introduce you to Michael. Otherwise known as He-Of-The-Nimble-Fingers (HOTNIF). Michael – lovely person, lovely person – Michael. Picture lots of nodding and smiling. As master of the fairy folk, who sew your playhouse with their gossamer thread, he has reminded me of a dark and depressing place called Reality. Myself, I like to stay well clear of Reality as much as possible, ever since I heard it contained the two big S’s – sickness and sadness. But Michael has a part-time job at the Reality Tourist Bureau and so he tells me about it from time to time.

kids playhouse 1st birthday party ideasToday he had some sad news from Reality. ALL of the fairy folk have been taken captive by a strange pop star who insists on having a new costume every day, and so they won’t have your playhouse ready this month. WHAT? In fact it won’t be ready until April. GASP! But the good news is that since the price of gossamer thread has gone through the roof (curse that pop star!), thus causing your playhouse to cost AN ABSOLUTE FORTUNE, you have plenty of time to save your pennies/think up justifications for buying it anyway/wonder whether you love your child quite that much (that was a low blow wasn’t it?).

So that’s the sad state of affairs.

As much as I would love to hear the cheery voices of little cuties dripping their love over playhouses around the world IMMEDIATELY, we will all just have to wait.

I would love to make it up to you and give you a ridiculously fabulous freebie when you eventually throw your money at me (as I know you can’t wait to do 😉 ). You tell me what you would like and I will start looking into it. And no, George Clooney, you can’t come over to mine for a cup of Volluto. We talked about this… Sorry, side-tracked. But yes, you get the idea, try to stay in the land of Reality.

I thought a gorgeous picture book would be nice. What do you think?