Giveaway time!

I have just got back from one of Penny Webb’s fantabulous Working Mums/Mumpreneur Masterclasses. So inspiring to listen to and chat with uber-successful mumpreneurs Cath from Lunchboxes with Love and Andrea from Fox in Flats. And such a fantastic group of ladies in the room. I believe even Mrs Woog popped in for a few minutes, but I missed her. Damn! These celebrities lead such glamorous busy lives haha! I highly recommend you get along to one of Penny’s events if you can. A great opportunity for some mummy-time while learning something along the way.

Win a My Playhouse Adventures table cubby house

Anyway, I am such a huge fan of Penny’s events and her brilliant blog (Sshh Mummy’s on the phone) that I have contributed a My Playhouse Adventures table cubby house to her “Tip Tuesday” post this week. All you need to do is leave a comment on her blog with a rainy day activity suggestion and you’re in the draw to win! Clickety click here to enter.

Can’t wait for Penny’s next event. This time it’s a free on-line webinar on Working Wardrobes featuring the massively popular Nikki Parkinson from Styling You. Nikki is all about stylish, practical, yet affordable fashion for mums. I’m still trying to get my hands on the leopard print heels from Big W that she blogged about recently, but they never seem to have my size. But then, that is the power of this gorgeous bloggy lady. Last week she blogged about a dress from Seed and crashed their online store as women stampeded to buy one! Anyway, would love to see you there – next Tuesday night at 8.30pm. Register here. Feel free to wear your trackies. I will be!

Meanwhile, get your entry in and hopefully I will be sending your new table cubby house out to you very soon.

Brand spanking new shop goes live!

Woohoo! We have lift-off!

In the interests of continual evolution I have been keen to buy a proper shopping cart for my little cubby house shop. After much research (Shopify, Big Commerce, etc) I chose Big Cartel and so far am very happy with it. Many thanks to Clare Lancaster from Women in Business for setting the standard (and providing lots of very helpful advice) with her beautiful shop Stevie and Three.

I think the new shop makes everything look a lot neater. Click to have a look-see.


Adventurers in action

From time to time we custom-make dining table cubbies for customers with extraordinary tables. This is the biggest one that we have done so far. A table made for big family Christmas feasts at 280cm long transformed into a cubby by a Christmas gift for a very special little girl. I’m sure this cubby will fit all her brothers, sisters AND cousins inside!

And here is a lovely note from a lovely mummy –

“The cubby has been a fantastic present for my little girl. There have been a zillion tea parties in there. Was great to get one made specially for our table. Here’s a photo, and must find another of the kids using it outside.” Seana, Frenchs Forest, Feb 2012

Please note that we do still make custom-made cubbies, but my manufacturer has pushed the price sky-high. So, to avoid these fees we are introducing a new larger rectangle size to fit tables 200-220cm long and 90-105cm wide. These will be in stock in March. Enter your details here and I will email you as soon as they arrive.

Any questions just email me here or on kirralee [at]


Have you got a brilliant little biz idea?

There’s lots of us mums in biz around now and more starting every day. I love being a part of this awesomely supportive community and often feel like jumping on top of the nearest building to tell the world about the latest amazing woman that I’ve met. I find myself in awe of their bravery, creativity and determination.

Over the past few months I have been assisting Karen Gunton of build a little biz to create a stage where we can shine a light on these brilliant little biz builders for all to see. This stage is a website called Shine.

This past week it has been my turn to be featured, so if you’ve been tossing a biz idea around, read my story here. I would love if it helps you.


Do you dream of having your own little biz?

How to use your child’s imagination to survive dinner-time

When we first have our baby we hear a lot about “Happy Mummy = Happy Baby”. It’s generally about making sure you put your oxygen mask on first so that you can help others put theirs on. But once that little bubba learns to laugh and walk and talk, the giving doesn’t always have to flow in one direction.


With my kids now 4 and 2 I’m finding that they can truly make me happy at times if I relax enough to let them. And I don’t mean the big picture “Children bring meaning to my life” or “I was so proud when little Abraham took his first step”. I mean during a stressed out busy busy evening when you’ve raced around finishing work, picked up the kids from childcare, been to get petrol and to the ATM, posted a letter on the way home and tried to have a meaningful conversation with your child about their day (or tried to comfort a tired grizzly child while driving). You’ve continued to race around at home to get something edible on the table and are trying to coax some carrots into your child’s mouth.


“Eye-pah! Eye-pah!”


What the?


Once you translate, you work out that Master 2 has just spotted Swiper the Fox (from Dora the Explorer for the uninitiated) sneaking up to the table and is about to steal his dinner!




Now, I don’t often go along with this one (now that it has happened again and again and again), especially during dinner, but the first time Hamish did this it made me laugh. Yes, LAUGH. Now perhaps I have a low comedy threshold, but in my house where I think I spend far too much time stressed and grumpy, laughter is GOLD and I will take it where I find it. It is the ultimate relaxant (well it’s healthier than wine) and there’s even rumours that Happy Mummy = Happy Daddy if you know what I mean ;-).


So the next time something crazy comes out of your child’s mouth, don’t tell him to be quiet and eat his dinner. Say “Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping!”. They will think you’re hilarious and you might get a laugh too.

Cubby house now appearing in gorgeous gift catalogue

Thanks to the beautiful photo by Ness of Happiness Photography, My Playhouse Adventures won a free spot in this gorgeous gift catalogue. It has just been released, so please have a browse for some lovely gift ideas, and don’t miss my sweet little Alannah Bear reading to her teddy in front of the cubby on page 5.


Shop now open!

"cubby house","table cubby"

My Playhouse Adventures is now open!

Come in, come in, welcome! Can I offer you a glass of champagne? A delicious cupcake perhaps? They’re doing some collage over there at that table and there’s mini-karaoke at the back or you can just let the kids explore the cubbies. Complimentary manicures in the relaxation lounge. Enjoy!

Sadly I can’t reach through your computer screen to pour you some bubbles, but if you subscribe to The Little Adventurer before 15 May, then I can give you your discount code. If you are a subscriber, but didn’t receive the email with your discount code, then please check your spam folder first, then, if it’s not there, please email me here.

Click here to shop now.


Kirralee xx

How to make a cardboard box tv

"pretend play"My kids just love Peppa Pig and on yesterday’s episode they had a power blackout. To make their own fun they made a tv out of a box and Peppa read the news. It looked quite effective (for a cartoon!) with all the lights off and a torch shining on Peppa.

I thought this might be a good use for those endless nappy boxes! You could just cut the hole out for the screen or you could go full tilt and paint it and add knobs. How about you video it and play it on the real tv? I took a short video of Mister Hamish playing yesterday and he was transfixed watching himself on the little iPhone screen. The big tv might blow his mind!

I did some googling and found instructions to make the basic head-in-a-box version like the photo here.

And, for older kids, you can make a ridiculously impressive make-your-own-tv-show version here.

Great for those rainy days at home. Happy crafting!