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My Playhouse Adventures was started in 2010 after I threw my kids a joint 3rd and 1st birthday party at home with a teddy bear theme. I made a “bear cave” by throwing sheets and blankets over the dining table  to host a teddy bear picnic for the kids and their little party buddies. However I soon learnt that this was a bit risky – 3 year old Alannah Bear pulled the blankets down causing the phone books holding them up to fall on 1 year old Mister Hamish. Not a great start to the party! It was also pretty dark in there and a bit hot and stuffy. In short, I thought I could do better.

So now I make a range of playhouses to fit your table, your style and your kids’ creative persuasions. I’ve got lots of new designs that are still on paper and more that are in development, so if there’s something specific that you are after let me know, because chances are I’m already working on it!

By the way, my name is Kirralee Baker, and my husband David, the kids and I live on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. My contact details are 0412 042 988 or kirralee [at] myplayhouseadventures.com. I’d love to hear from you.

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“this is one of the BEST ideas for children’s play I’ve ever seen! A brilliant idea, and I love that it allows children to use their imaginations!” | Nuala